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My work is reflective of my experiences and imagination. Though a painter, I do not just paint; I create using paint and forms. Before I begin to create my work (abstract or figurative), I imagine how I can use my materials so the viewers can have a little magical experience on a two dimensional surface. I desire my work to engage the viewers in the upside-down thinking process and discourse relating to its creation. The freedom I experience through my freehand form creation is where the fun then begins. Once I start creating, one element of my composition leads to another. In my innovative technique, I use layers upon layers of paint while revealing the hidden colours and forms that lie beneath the topmost layers of my oil or acrylic paint. This interplay of oppositional relations between foreground forms and background ones indulges me with multiple symbiotic possibilities. 

- Yisa Akinbolaji. MFA   

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01 June 2013

An interview with Michael K. Corbin, an avid art collector, writer and full-time broadcast journalist. Michael is news anchor and reporter of WIBC Radio, Indianapolis.



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New painting technique receives positive  reviews ...

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My ultimate goal is to establish an identity for myself that would be recognized by art lovers internationally. That identity would include the quality and originality of my work and the attention I have brought to the source of my influences.

 - Yisa Akinbolaji. MFA